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How to Manage Betting Bankroll

When talking about betting terminologies, bankroll is the term often used for referring to the overall sum of money you have available for gambling purposes over a certain period of time. Betting bankroll management is of extreme importance and involves things like the extent of cash you can place for every bet, the strategy for varying the bet sizes, whether you should indulge in bet hedging or not and almost every financial decision related to your wagers.

Let’s go through some important tips that can help you better manage your sports betting bankroll:

What’s your reason for indulging in sports betting?
This is what can help you ascertain your maximum bet amount. Different sports bettors have different goals to accomplish. While some of them are looking for nothing more than some cheap entertainment, others indulge in sports betting for a living.
If you wager on sports outcomes for pure entertainment purposes, betting £ 100 on a Monday night soccer game is most likely to set you back by no more than £ 5 per week (provided your picks manage to break even). That’s a very small price to pay for such sort of entertainment every week! And it adds tremendously to the sports viewing excitement!
On the other hand, if you’re a serious sports better, you must treat each one of your bets as an investment. In such a scenario you can liken yourself to a businessman and your bankroll serves as your inventory. You may possibly set your maximum betting amount a little higher whenever you come across good investment opportunities, for instance, good lines on some games that can be easily handicapped.

Stay away from the betting systems
Poor betting bankroll management advice is available in abundance everywhere, especially on the Internet. Majority of such advice encourages punters to increase their bet amounts when they are on winning streaks and reduce bet amounts whenever they’re losing. Betting systems have different and strange names, a good majority of which are marketed and sold by middlemen who’re simply looking to make a quick buck from newbie sports bettors.
To tell you the truth, each one of your bets is different from the other. Making adjustment to your bets will have no impact on the actual outcome of the games that you bet on. Rather than increasing your bets when you’re on a winning streak and decreasing them when you lose, you should adopt a smart strategy and set aside a percentage of your total bankroll as your maximum bet.

Employ flat betting and maintain your profit levels
Flat betting implies placement of identical or similar bets on every single game you wager on. Changing your bet sizes can quickly transform a winning betting day into a big loser. Let’s explain it to you with an example. Let’s say there are three football teams that you can successfully wager on, on a particular betting day: Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal. If you place a higher bet on Manchester United, thinking they are certainly going to win, and bet a comparatively lesser amount on Arsenal and Liverpool, you may probably win with Arsenal and Liverpool, but lose your bet on Manchester United, ending up a loser overall because of the larger bet placed on MU.
If you had rather used flat betting strategy, by placing same kind of bets on all the three games, you’d have emerged on the winning side instead.

Make good use of sports book tools for staying on top of your bankroll
Online bookmakers or sports books have plenty of tools that they make readily available for their customers. Such bankroll management tools that are provided on a complimentary basis with various online bookmakers can serve as your best friends. All such online bookmakers that feature user-friendly account management tools, allow bettors to clearly see their account balances on every page of their websites. These tools can play an instrumental role in the overall success of online spots bettors.