For a better future for cyclists


Critical Mass is popular around the globe thanks to its ability to foster communication between motorists and bikers through the very unique method of having a mass quantity of cyclists on the roads all at once. In Australia, this is no exception, as cyclists in the land down under have plenty of events that they can choose from to make their voices hear and advance the cause of Critical Mass in their cities as well.

What makes Australia such a great fit for Critical Mass events is the fact that Australia is a continent consisting of just one country. Instead of events that take place in continents consisting of many countries, the fact that Australia is in a continent by itself should be a great reminder for cyclists and motorists that they are in this together, as they are all they have with regards to people to share their continent with. This should foster better relationships between Australians as a whole, but should also do the job when it comes to cyclists and motorists communicating with one another.

Many of the Critical Mass riders in Australia are a part of the ongoing debate as to whether or not the rides themselves are helping or hurting the cause of cyclists in their country. Some feel that the events cause division between cyclists and motorists, as they tend to inconvenience those in cars by making them wait for cyclists to pass through. While this is a valid concern, cyclists also feel like cars are able to do that to them on a regular basis without any criticism.

In Australia, Critical Mass events take place in plenty of major cities so that they can be as visible as possible. Included in that list of cities is Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, and many others. These events typically take place on the last Friday of a given month, but it is always possible for dates and times to change based on the needs of a certain area.

What is so nice about Australian Critical Mass is the fact that they have a sense of urgency, and feel a duty to emphasize the importance of riding a bicycle beyond people in other continents. Getting cars off of the road in Australia means helping their continent and country reduce their carbon footprint, as opposed to other countries who would still have to deal with the mess being created by other nations in their continent.